• Ferno 35-A Mobile Transporter
    The Ferno Model 35-A Mobile Transporter, multi-level, roll-in cot combines the benefits of easy
    loading of a roll-in style cot. Empty one-person load capability for user convenience. Lightest
    cot available with a 500-pound (227 kg) load capacity.
  • Stair Chair
    The EZ Clode can be used as a stair chair, evacuation chair and transport chair. It is ideal for
    bariatric patient transport. Made with a lightweight aluminum frame; the back and seat area comes in either a one-piece vinyl cover or two removable, snap-on plastic panels. With a 500 lb.
    load capacity (the highest in the industry).
  • Braun Millenium Series
    Braun Millennium Series commercial lifts are the result
    of over 25 years of continual design improvements,
    resulting in an ADA-compliant series that you can
    depend on day after day, year after year.
    The true workhorses of our line, these lifts are
    designed to fit a variety of transit applications,
    making the task of choosing the right lift for
    your particular application much simpler.